Blu-U Acne Treatment

Blu-U is one of the acne treatments that we offer to acne sufferers in the Marina Del Rey area. Our Doctor has found that this treatment can be extremely effective at controlling acne and preventing future breakouts in certain patients. It is a great alternative for patients who are uncomfortable taking antibiotics to manage their acne or are dissatisfied with the results of their topical acne medications. Finding a trusted skin doctor is an important first step in managing your acne. At Marina Dermatology, our skilled and experienced team will work with you to find solutions, such as Blu-U light therapy, to give you the clear, beautiful skin you deserve.

Most forms of acne are caused by excess sebum (the oil that’s produced by the glands surrounding the hair follicles) and the presence of the bacteria Propionibacterium (P. acnes). These bacteria can make acne worse by increasing the body’s inflammatory response and by spreading acne to other areas of the skin. Blu-U is a light therapy treatment that targets and kills P. acnes, thereby reducing the occurrence of future outbreaks. Unlike other acne treatments, Blu-U does not have any risks or complications. The treatment is relatively new to the market, but so far there have been no reports of adverse reactions. A Blu-U treatment does not cause any pain and the patient is free to resume normal activities immediately.

At the start of a Blu-U treatment, our  Dermatologist will apply Levulan Kerastick, a topical solution that acts as an activator, to the treatment area. He will then turn on the Blu-U light which begins your light therapy session. For about 15 minutes, the blue-violet light will penetrate your skin at a precise depth where P. acnes lives. The light only destroys the acne bacteria and will not damage any of your healthy tissue. To achieve effective results, the treatment must be repeated about eight times within four weeks. Some patients begin to see results after just one week of treatment, while others experience noticeable results after several sessions. Most patients must return for monthly maintenance session to keep P. acnes under control. At Marina Dermatology, we make every effort to accommodate our Blu-U therapy patients so they can schedule sessions around their busy schedules.

Blu-U is able to help most people combat acne and prevent future breakouts; however, it will not work for every patient. During your initial consultation, our Doctor will examine your skin and review your medical history. After this, he can recommend Blu-U or an alternative acne therapy to you. Whether you are seeking acne treatment for yourself or your teenager, you can be assured that our Los Angeles skin care team will provide you with excellent and compassionate care. Managing acne is easier than ever thanks to our knowledgeable staff and advancements in acne-fighting technologies and treatments. Call one of our LA offices today – we’re located in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, just a short drive from Marina Del Rey.