Broken Capillaries and Scars Treatment

Beautiful skin is often described as being smooth, flawless, even, and youthful. Many people wish to improve imperfections on their skin in order to achieve a more desirable appearance. Patients who suffer from broken capillaries and telangiectasias or have red, raised scars on their skin as a result of past injury, acne, or even medical treatments, can greatly improve the appearance of their skin with laser therapy. At Marina Dermatology, our Los Angeles Doctor’s have found great success in treating both broken capillaries and reddened scars with the V-Beam Perfecta Laser. Treatment with this laser is able to dramatically reduce the appearance of these skin imperfections, leaving the patient with smoother, more even skin. Best of all, this advanced laser causes very little discomfort and requires no downtime afterwards, yet produces extremely effective results.

Capillaries and telangiectasias are tiny blood vessels that form a network between the arteries and veins. Located just beneath the surface of the skin, these blood vessels are delicate and break easily. Capillaries can become damaged in a variety of ways, including rough scrubbing of the skin, sun exposure, and injuries. Due to genetics, some people are more prone to broken capillaries than others. Broken capillaries can appear as red bruise-like spots anywhere on the skin. They are usually most prominent on the face, especially around the nose. Capillaries tend to become damaged and more visible as we age because the aging process results in thinner, more delicate skin, making the appearance of broken capillaries more noticeable. Once broken, the capillaries cannot repair themselves and their appearance will not improve without medical intervention.

Scars form after a wound has broken the body’s skin tissues. The body responds by producing collagen as part of the healing process. Collagen serves to strengthen and heal the wound and produces scar tissue in the wound area. In an ideal situation, collagen forms and then later breaks down at the site of the wound, which causes the scar tissue to become smoother, softer, and more similar in appearance and texture to the surrounding skin. In some cases, however, the scar tissue remains bumpy, raised, and red. If the scar tissue has not improved after a year or two, treatment may be performed to improve the appearance of the scar.

While broken capillaries and scars are quite different skin complaints, the Vbeam Perfecta laser is able to treat both of these problems because its laser is absorbed by red colors, such as the red pigment found in certain scars and the red color of blood in capillaries. During treatment with Vbeam Perfecta, our Cosmetic Dermatologist will aim the laser at the targeted area. The light will then be absorbed by the blood or red pigment to break up and destroy the area of redness. When used to treat broken capillaries, the heating action narrows the walls of the blood vessels, thereby reducing the appearance of broken capillaries in the treatment area. For red, raised scars, the laser breaks the red pigment into tiny fragments, which will be naturally eliminated by the body. Most patients require two to five Vbeam treatments at monthly intervals to improve the appearance of scars and broken capillaries. Treatment with the Vbeam Perfecta causes very little discomfort. Most patients report only a warming or tingling sensation during the treatment, and anesthesia is rarely required. Afterwards, patients compare the sensation in the treated area to that of a sunburn, which dissipates within a few days. Makeup can safely be used to conceal any redness and the patient can resume normal activities immediately.

The Vbeam laser is one of our recommended treatments for patients in Marina Del Rey who wish to improve their appearance by correcting broken capillaries or reddened scar tissue. This laser can also be used to safely and easily treat a number of other skin conditions, including age spots, rosacea, birthmarks, and freckles. To find out if you’re a candidate for skin improvement with the Vbeam laser, please contact one of our LA locations today.