Dysport® for Wrinkles

Our Marina Del Rey patients frequently ask what how they can decrease the appearance of wrinkles and creases on their face without changing their overall look. The formation of lines and creases on the face can detract from our appearance. For example, glabellar lines (the “frown lines” that form between the eyebrows) can cause a person to look constantly angry or annoyed. Lines around the eyes, referred to as “crow’s feet,” can give the appearance of advanced age and tiredness. Many of our patients wish to treat just these lines, without changing anything else on their face. For these patients, we offer Dysport® injections. This safe and easy procedure provides temporary improvement by decreasing the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and deep creases on the face.

Dysport® contains the same active ingredient as BOTOX® and works in the same way to minimize lines and wrinkles. Frown lines form because the muscles that control facial expression are frequently used. As these muscles tighten and relax, wrinkles will eventually form. Squinting also contributes to the formation of frown lines and crow’s feet. We have noticed that our patients in LA often experience more rapid formation of these lines due to the bright sunshine that keeps our region sunny and warm year-round. When Dysport® is injected between the eyebrows, it temporarily prevents these muscles from tightening. The result is a smoothing of the lines and creases between the eyebrows, which can lead to a more attractive, appealing look. At your doctor’s discretion, Dysport® can also be injected around the eyes and mouth to reduce lines and rejuvenate your appearance. As with BOTOX®, you can undergo this treatment in less than 30 minutes and resume normal activities immediately, although we do recommend that our patients avoid lying down or pressing on the treatment area for a few hours after the injections.

Many of our patients are interested to learn which treatment – Dysport® or BOTOX® – will provide them with a better result. Before recommending either solution, our Dermatologist will review the patient’s medical history, examine their face and skin, and gain an understanding of their goals. After this, he will be able to determine which treatment is the most appropriate. In comparison to BOTOX®, our Doctor’s have found that Dysport® offers several advantages. Dysport® appears to provide a softer, more natural look, especially when patients are actively engaging muscles in the treated area. Dysport® also begins working faster, so you can experience an improved appearance more quickly. In most cases, you’ll see results in just two days, compared to five to seven with BOTOX®. We have seen some patients develop a resistance to BOTOX® after prolonged use. Patients seem to be less likely to develop a tolerance to Dysport®, allowing them to achieve effective results with the product for longer.

Like BOTOX®, we recommend Dysport® to patients who wish to smooth out lines between their eyebrows without dramatically altering their overall appearance. Both treatments are safe and are associated with few complications; however, to achieve the best results and minimize any risk of complications, it is best to work with a Board Certified Doctor who is experienced in injecting Dysport and BOTOX®. To learn more about Dysport® and find out if it’s the right solution for you, please contact Marina Dermatology today.