Nasolabial folds or “smile lines” (the creases that run from the corners of the nose to the corners of the lips) are one of the earliest signs of aging that appear on the skin. As time goes on, these lines deepen into creases and may be associated with bagging skin around the mouth. Several injectable cosmetic treatments (e.g. BOTOX®Juvéderm®) are available to correct nasolabial folds, but only one injectable is created from your own skin cells. LAVIV is the first and only FDA approved cell-based product designed for aesthetic use. It has been approved for use around the mouth to correct smile lines and may eventually be approved to treat other areas of the face that are susceptible to the signs of aging. Men and women in the Marina del Rey area who are interested in correcting their nasolabial folds may wish to consult with our skin Doctor at Marina Dermatology. During your consultation, he will help you decide if LAVIV can provide you with the rejuvenating results you desire.

Many of today’s rejuvenating treatments stimulate the production of collagen to promote firmer, more resilient skin with fewer noticeable lines and wrinkles. Collagen production may be promoted through the use of injectables, such as Juvéderm, ultrasound waves, radiofrequency, or laser therapy. Fibroblasts, skin cells within our dermis, play a crucial role in this process because produce collagen and support overall skin health. The number of fibroblasts in our skin decreases as we age, resulting in skin that is less elastic, loose, and susceptible to wrinkling and sagging. LAVIV stimulates collagen production by supplying the dermis with new fibroblasts, which are created from you own cells. This means that your LAVIV serum will be specifically created from you and for you, thereby reducing the risk of allergic reaction or rejection. When you use LAVIV, you’ll be utilizing the power of your body to produce results that are as natural and unique as you.

The process can begin after you’ve consulted with our Los Angeles Cosmetic Dermatologist and decided that LAVIV is the right treatment for you. First, using a local anesthetic, our Doctor will take a small sample of skin cells from behind your ear. The skin sample will be sent to Fibrocell Science (the maker’s of LAVIV) where it will be used to grow more cells to create your unique LAVIV serum. This process takes about three months to complete. Once our dermatologist has received your LAVIV serum, you will return to the office for your first injection. The solution will be injected under your smile lines during three separate treatment sessions, spaced at regular intervals of three to six weeks. Most patients begin to notice improvements in their skin after the second injection, with full results seen about six months after the last injection. The treatment provides results for at least six months and you can return for additional injections to maintain the results of LAVIV.

LAVIV is an excellent choice for many people who seek improvement of their nasolabial lines, but it’s not right for everyone. Because the results of LAVIV are gradually revealed over several months, it’s perfect for those individuals seeking a natural result, but it might not be right for those who desire instant gratification. LAVIV may also cause an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to the substances used to create LAVIV, including certain antibiotics, products of bovine origin, and/or dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). Allergic reactions, however, tend to be uncommon in most patients, as LAVIV consists of your own cell matter. It is important to work with a dermatologist who is experienced in administering a variety of facial injectables and trained to provide LAVIV treatment. By working with our qualified Doctor at Marina Dermatology, you can experience safe and effective results with LAVIV. To learn more, please contact one of our LA locations today.