Levulan® Acne Treatment

Acne is a skin problem that commonly occurs during the teenage years. Although associated with puberty, acne may continue well into the 20s and beyond. You do not have to live with this troublesome skin condition. While less common in the past, treatment for acne is now generally recommended and encouraged by family doctors and dermatologists. If you or your child suffers from acne, please contact Marina Dermatology to set up an appointment. Not only can this condition lead to feelings of embarrassment and low self esteem, but it can also result in permanent scarring. With the variety of solutions available today, there is no need to continue suffering. One of the treatments that has been gaining popularity among our Marina Del Rey patients is Levulan® photodynamic acne therapy. For certain patients, this pain-free treatment can provide effective acne relief without the risks or complications associated with other acne treatments.

Acne occurs when the pores of the skin become clogged and cannot function properly. Pores are likely to become clogged when oil and skin cells accumulate in the pores faster than they exit. Hormones, which are present during puberty and other periods of hormonal change, can cause imbalances that lead to acne. Overactive sebaceous glands (the glands that produce oil to keep the skin moist and supple) can contribute to acne. A certain type of bacteria, P. acnes, is also known to contribute to the severity and spread of acne. Levulan acne treatment works in two ways to reduce acne and prevent future outbreaks – it kills acne-causing bacteria and reduces the size of sebaceous glands so oil production is better regulated.

Levulan acne treatments can be performed at either of our Los Angeles locations. At the start of the session, our Doctor will apply Levulan to the areas that are being treated and allow it to soak into your skin for 45 to 60 minutes. After this, you will sit in front of a blue-violet light for about 15 minutes. This specific wavelength of blue light kills P. acnes bacteria that has been treated with Levulan. The light used is not a form of laser therapy and does not damage the skin or cause any pain. After the treatment, you will be able to resume normal activities immediately. There are no side effects associated with Levulan or photodynamic light therapy, but you must take care to protect your skin from the sun after the treatment. Our Doctor will give you specific instructions so that you can properly care for your skin after the treatment. The most effective results are achieved when Levulan photodynamic light therapy is performed about eight times within four weeks. Results will vary between patients, but most patients begin to see improvement after a few sessions. Some patients may need to undergo monthly maintenance sessions to control acne after the initial treatment has been completed.

There are many reasons why Levulan is a preferred acne treatment for teenagers and adults alike. The patient won’t experience any pain during the treatment and there is little risk of complication after the treatment. Levulan is also a great alternative for patients who do not wish to take strong medications to treat their acne. The treatment not only helps to control acne, but it also prevents acne scarring and may improve the appearance of existing acne scars. Some patients even experience overall skin tone and texture improvement, as the skin integrity is restored and pore size is reduced. In some patients, Levulan can result in long periods of acne suppression. To find out if you are a candidate for this easy and effective acne treatment, please contact one of our LA locations today.