Many of our Marina Del Rey patients are bothered by the appearance of unsightly veins on their legs. The presence of varicose and spider veins is a very common vascular problem that manifests in about half of all American adults. If the presence of these veins is accompanied by pain or discomfort, medical treatment may be required. Whether or not these veins cause discomfort, many people in Los Angeles undergo treatment for varicose and spider veins, as their appearance contributes to skin that appears unhealthy and unattractive. Sclerotherapy, one of the oldest and most effective vein removal treatments, has long been the gold standard in treating smaller varicose and larger spider veins. At Marina Dermatology, we offer a variety of vein treatments. After a physical examination and review of your medical history, our Cosmetic Dermatologist will decide if sclerotherapy is the best treatment option for you.

Sclerotherapy minimizes the appearance of varicose and spider veins by causing them to collapse and eventually disappear from sight. Varicose veins that have become visible on the skin’s surface have already undergone damage and are no longer functioning correctly. Their collapse and elimination will not harm the vascular system – blood will be rerouted to healthy veins after the body has removed the destroyed veins. In patients who experience pain or discomfort due to varicose veins, the removal of these veins typically ends the associated pain. Sclerotherapy is a very safe procedure and few patients experience side effects when undergoing this vein removal treatment. Remarkably, sclerotherapy has been performed for over 150 years, making it one of the oldest procedures still used in modern medicine. During this time, sclerotherapy techniques have developed and evolved to include the use of more modern technologies and vein-collapsing solutions.

Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical outpatient procedure that can be performed at either of our LA locations. The procedure itself is very straightforward and takes less than 15 minutes to perform. During your procedure, our Doctor will inject a solution into the targeted vein. The solution will cause an immediate contraction of the vein. In the coming weeks, the vein will completely dissolve and be absorbed by the body. After the treatment, the treated leg will be wrapped in a compression bandage or stockings, which is typically worn for two weeks following the sclerotherapy session. There is no downtime required and most patients are able to resume all of their normal activities. In fact, our skin Doctor encourages his patients to continue moving about during the recovery period, as this will encourage better healing and results. Some patients require more than one session to eliminate spider or varicose veins and dramatically improve the appearance of their legs. In more complex cases, the use of ultrasound imaging may be used to view deeper veins during treatment and ensure that they have been completely eliminated during a follow up session.

Ideal candidates for sclerotherapy are those that have visible veins beneath the surface of their skin that are causing self-consciousness or physical discomfort. The presence of visible veins seems to run in families and is more likely in women who have been pregnant and people who are overweight. If you are concerned by the presence of varicose or spider veins on your legs, please contact us today to discuss treatment. At Marina Dermatology, we can help you find the best method for unsightly leg vein elimination.