Tattoo Removal

Whether for personal or professional reasons, there are instances when people come to regret a tattoo that they received earlier in life. Our Cosmetic Dermatologist frequently consults with patients who wish to eliminate such unwanted tattoos. Fortunately, advancements in laser technology have made laser tattoo removal easier than ever. At Marina Dermatology, we utilize the Alex TriVantage laser system to remove unwanted tattoos. This system can be used on all skin types to remove tattoos of all colors.

There are a variety of laser tattoo removal systems available on the market today, but they all utilize a similar mechanism of action to eliminate unwanted tattoos. During a treatment session, the laser is directed at the tattooed skin. The dark ink absorbs the laser’s energy, which causes the ink to fragment and shatter into tiny pieces. Over the coming weeks, the body safely and naturally absorbs the tattoo fragments. After each session, the tattoo will ideally appear lighter and lighter until it is no longer visible. When performed by a qualified skin doctor, laser tattoo removal does not damage any of the surrounding skin because the treatment targets only the ink in the tattoo.

We use the Alex TriVantage at both of our Los Angeles locations because of the advantages offered by this laser system. The Alex TriVantage utilizes a pulsating laser action that helps reduce discomfort during the treatment. It is also able to eliminate tattoos of almost any color – other systems are only able to treat specific or limited ranges of ink color. Additionally, it is also safe to use the Alex TriVantage system on skin of all types and colors. For these reasons, we recommend the Alex TriVantage to our Marina Del Rey patients.

A tattoo removal treatment session typically lasts only a few minutes, but multiple treatment sessions are required to eliminate the tattoo completely. The number of treatments that you need will be based upon the size, color, and location of your tattoo, as well as your body’s unique response to laser tattoo removal. Our dermatologist recommends that treatment sessions be spaced at six-week intervals to give the skin sufficient time to heal between sessions and for the body to fully eliminate the fragmented ink. Most of our patients require at least six treatment sessions to remove their tattoo.

It is very important to work with an experienced and qualified doctor when undergoing laser tattoo removal. Each tattoo is unique because it was created by a tattoo artist who made specific decisions about how deep to place that tattoo and which color(s) to use. In order to remove the tattoo, our Doctor calibrates the laser to a specific wavelength that will safely and effectively destroy the tattoo ink. He must also determine the exact depth to target the laser’s energy in order to provide the desired results. Patients in the LA area can feel confident when they work with our skin Doctor, who is an expert in the use of laser technology and has been providing laser tattoo removal treatments for many years. To learn more, please contact one of our Marina Dermatology offices today.